Thinking of visiting Community Church Robertsbridge and don't know what to expect?       If you're thinking about visiting us you may have some questions on your mind.  What can I expect? What happens in the service? How long will it last?  What should I wear? Do you do any anything 'weird'?  

We'll try to answer some of these

What can I expect?   We always have someone at the door to welcome you and help with finding a seat and knowing where everything is.  We start at 10.30am but don't worry if you're a bit late - you won't be the only one!

What happens in the service?  We normally start with a welcome and an introduction to who is leading the service that day.  Then singing, prayer, Bible reading and a talk make up the service.  It's all fairly relaxed with no special formats or rituals.

How long will it last?  We start at 10.30am and finish somewhere between 11.30am and 11.45pm

What should I wear?  Whatever you are comfortable in.  We don't think what you wear on the outside is nearly as important as what goes on within us.

Do you do anything 'weird'?  It depends what you mean as 'weird'  We may raise our hands or clap during worship.  We believe that God talks to those willing to listen.

We take an offering where we give our money.  This is really for our church members.  Don't feel compelled to give.  Many give once a month, or by direct debit so it won't be strange not giving when the time comes.

Once a month we take communion [bread and wine].  We explain what this is about at the time.

If you have any other questions then please contact us and ask.